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AFGS 25th Anniversary

AFGS 25th Anniversary

                     25th Silver Anniversary Member Pedigree Book                  

American French Genealogical Society is producing a 25th Silver Anniversary Commemorative edition book containing the Ancestors of AFGS members.
- 25th Silver Anniversary Members 5 Generation Pedigree Book
This book is in the final stages of processing. The names of members submitting information for the book will be listed as well as the names of the volunteers who worked on the project, unless a member requested their name not be published. The book will not list who submitted what charts.
Included in the book will be 5 generation pedigree charts which were submitted by an AFGS members. Each member can submit 2 charts and family memberships can submit 4 charts. The charts do not have to be completely filled in. Included will be the index of the people on the charts, currently this is in excess of 8,000 people.
Also printed in the book will be a list of volunteers who helped convert the charts to GED files, and the list of members who submitted charts. There will be no listing in the book of who submitted what chart. If someone wants to contact the person who submitted the chart they will contact AFGS who will forward the request.
The book will be available for sale later in the year.
Below is a list of membership numbers for the members whose charts are processed. If you submitted information for the project and you are not listed, 
contact Bill Pommenville at AFGS by February 28, 2004.
AFGS members can be a part of this 25th Silver Anniversary Commemorative Member Pedigree book, by sharing a small part of your genealogy information. Each AFGS member is eligible to submit pedigree charts on their family or the family of their spouse. This book will show a small portion of the families being researched by AFGS members. 
The book will be in the form of 5-generation Pedigree charts including and index. A 5-Generation Pedigree Chart contains a primary person and the primary persons direct ancestors, with a total of 31 people on the chart.  5 generation chart
5 Generation Pedigree Chart
Select Chart for Larger Sample 5 Generation chart
This book will contain a small portion of the families being researched by AFGS members. Each AFGS member is eligible to submit pedigree charts on their family or the family of their spouse. By sharing your charts, your information will become part of this 25th Silver Anniversary Commemorative Member Pedigree Book.
Included in the book will be an index of the names as well as the 5-generation pedigree charts. Each listing in the index will reference the charts that the name appears. 
A list of members submitting charts is planned. This list of members submitting charts will not identify which charts the members supplied. Members do not have to be included on this list. If a person would like to contact the person who submitted the charts, they would contact AFGS with the request. AFGS would then forward the request to the person who submitted the chart.
The 25th Silver Anniversary Member Pedigree Chart Book will be offered for sale later in the year. The cost will be determined by the size of the book. 
A book was produced for the 15th Anniversary and was extremely popular. Now with our increased membership we feel that this book will exceed the last publication. 

General Instructions for Submitting Pedigree Charts
Each AFGS member may submit up to 2, five-generation pedigree charts.  The chart may start with any Ancestor of the member or member's significant other.  There are 31 people listed on a five-generation pedigree chart. Any one of the 31 people can be number one on the chart being submitted. The member or member’s spouse do not have to be listed as number one on the chart. 
Charts do not have to be completely filled in. If you have one or two stopped lines you can still submit the chart.
Charts or information for the charts may be in the following formats:
GEDCOM produced by a computer Genealogy program. (Preferred) (see instructions)
5 generation pedigree charts on paper. or scanned pictures of the paper charts. (see instructions)   
NOTE: As a service, if you prefer to have AFGS extract the required information from your GEDCOM file or Genealogy program, drop off a file with the information, or send it to AFGS "Attention: For 5 generation book". You must include your Name, member number, e-mail,, and the name and id number of each person you want as the first person on each 5 generation chart you want listed in the book. Each individual member is allowed 2 charts and family membership is allowed 4 charts. Sorry we cannot extract the required information from MAC files but we can extract it from GEDCOM produced with a MAC.
At this time we have only tested a small number of Genealogy programs and have extracted the required information and produced GEDCOM files from the following programs, PAF version 5.2, LEGACY version 4, FAMILY TREE MAKER version 4 and 10, FAMILY ORIGINS version 10, and ROOTSMAGIC. 
In order to produce the book and index in a uniform format, we are looking for all the chart information if possible to come from a computer generated genealogy program. All computer-generated charts are to be in .ged format. 
For GEDCOM files AFGS is only interested in the Direct Ancestor line and no notes, sources, etc. 
If you have a question on the project please contact Bill Pommenville at at AFGS
If Charts or GEDCOM files are mailed or submitted at the library they must be in an envelope with a note "Attention: For 5 generation book".
Important: All charts must have an attachment (e-mail, note etc.) with the name and number of the Member submitting the information and the current address. Also the name of the first person on the chart. or charts
Also the information must be in Chart form either on paper, or picture of the chart. It also can be preferably in GEDCOM form.
AFGS volunteers will enter the paper and scanned charts into genealogy programs. If you would like to help with this project please drop a line to  Bill Pommenville at the library.
Current information and progress will be posted on this AFGS website. Also address any questions or comments to 5-generation Book at AFGS 
The Deadline for submitting charts if your not listed above is February 28, 2004
Frequently Asked Questions on this Project - FAQ
NOTE: These instructions are subject to change.  
Please review all guidelines before submitting GED files or Paper pedigree charts..
 The latest Instructions will be posted here or contact Bill Pommenville at AFGS for the latest Instructions.

Abbreviated instructions for creating 5 Generation Pedigree Charts in GED format.
IMPORTANT: Please submit any questions to Bill before submitting the file. AFGS will process your GEDCOM file when received and incorporate it with the other GEDCOM files. We will not be able to make corrections after you submit the file. 
All GEDCOM files must be named with the AFGS member number. Please review the abbreviated instructions page for naming information.
Mailing instructions if you prefer to mail your charts or disk to AFGS - Mail to:
P.O. Box 830
Woonsocket, RI 02895-0870

Place a note on the envelope - 5 generation book 

Also  Please place your name and member number on each chart as well as your email address.

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