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AFGS 25th Anniversary

AFGS 25th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Our Members! Free Incomplete sets Tanguay Dictionary

Happy Anniversary to Our Members!
Thanks to an incredibly generous offer from Robert Quintin, past president of AFGS and owner of Quintin Publications, AFGS is able to pass along this special offer to our members.
Bob has given us a number of incomplete sets of the Tanguay Dictionary. Missing volumes can be downloaded from the Internet. These books are free except for the cost of shipping. If you pick them up at the library there will be no charge at all!
Following is a list of what we have: List of what is in each Tanguay book.
32 sets of 6 books - 1 ,3,4,5,6,7
8 sets of 5 books - 3,4,5,6,7
32 sets of 4 books-3,4,5,6
8 sets of 3 books - 3,4,5
24 sets of 1 book - 4
Book 1 - A-Z 1608-1700
Book 2 - A-Chap
Book 3 - Char-E
Book 4 - F-Ji
Book 5 - Jo-Merci
Book 6 - Merck-Robid
Book 7 - Robil-Z
The drawing to the Free Incomplete sets of Tanguay Dictionary's has been completed. 
Members of AFGS were eligible to complete a coupon that was available here or in one of the mailings. 
All winners will be notified by mail. 
Included in the winners notice will the be information on picking up the books, or having them shipped.
As the notices are mailed out, the list of winners notified will be posted on the website. 
The order of notification is according to the number of books a person has won.
We are processing the books this way so that we can handle books and winners in an orderly fashion.
Please do not contact AFGS to see if you have won. 
Six Books
Name State
Michael & Diane Goyette CT
Gerard A. Houle RI 
Francis Fortin RI
Susan Miour CT
Mr. Norman B. Dessert FL
Lynne Bosworth CA
Jeanne Girard Orphan CA
Louise Tosoriere CA
Thomas A. Henault, Sr. MA
Paul & Helen Nelson RI
Six Books
Name State
Gerry Mitchell CA
Raymond Gervais RI
Doris M. Desrochers RI
Joan Kathryn Petitpas FL
Dennis J. Taylor GA
Arthur R. Gamache MA
Kristine S. Furlought dit Frelat KS
Camille J. Chapdelaine MA
Mary Jane Frances Smith MD
Six Books
Name State
Gilles Roch RI
Gerard Breton MA
Bob Maguire MA
Virginia Emily Flynn MA
Elizabeth Botten NY
M. Lucie Hains RI
Dolores Leduc Buckley MA
Paul E. Dalbec OH
James, Doris and Lucille Cameron RI 

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Updated 27 April 2003

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