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Historical Funeral Card Collection
Historical Funeral Card Collection is a part of the American-French Genealogical Society's mission to collect, preserve and publish cultural and, historical matter relating to Americans of French and French Canadian descent. 
The AFGS Historical Funeral Card Collection consists of scanned pictures of Funeral Cards donated to AFGS. This section will contain large Collections (over 80 different cards) donated by one individual and also individual cards which will be indexed Alphabetically.
Funeral Cards also known as Memorial Cards
  Funeral Cards ~ A to Z including the Bouliane Collection
  Noella Nichols Bouliane Collection over 80 Funeral Cards donated to AFGS and scanned by Roger Beaudry

How to Donate Funeral Cards to the Collection:
The funeral cards should depict people of Canadian, French or French Canadian descent.  All cards must have the person’s information about his or her death including location. The card can be in French or English.
To contribute to this project, please send a scanned copy of the actual funeral card by e-mail to . You must provide your name and address in the e-mail as well as a statement that the cards are being donated to AFGS. 
Actual funeral cards may be sent by mail addressed to: AFGS, P. O. Box 830 , Woonsocket, RI 02895-0870, Attention Historical Collection. You must include a letter with your name, address, e-mail address (if you have one), and a statement that you are donating these cards to AFGS. Actual cards will not be returned so please make every effort to send them electronically.  
By submitting your card or cards you grant the American-French Genealogical Society the right to publish your card or cards. If you have any questions please send an e-mail to .
How Will the Cards Be Displayed?
  Named Funeral Card Collections - These must contain over 50 different funeral cards. An example is the "Noella Nichols Bouliane Collection" which has over 80 funeral cards collected by Noella and donated to AFGS.
  Individual Funeral Cards - These cards will be placed in individual groups and will be alphabetical in the future.
Any questions please send an email to
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Updated 14 March, 2010

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