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Welcome to the Acadian Heritage section of the American-French Genealogical Society web site. We hope you will find the material here helpful in discovering a culture begun in North America. These hard working people, devoted to church and family, faced struggles unlike most others which created a unique cultural identity - Acadian.
Our aim is to highlight genealogical sources, historical events and places, language, food, music and joie de vivre typical of this group, to shed light on what may be a difficult area of your family history research.
Today, Acadia is not a country, but a common bond shared by people of it's heritage.
"In addition to the roughly 300,000 Acadians in the Maritime provinces, there are likely more than 1 million people of Acadian descent in Québec, 200,000 in Ontario and the western provinces, 400,000 in the northeastern United States, and 800,000 in Louisiana."
(source: Encyclopedia of Canada's peoples; Paul R. Magocsi, editor)
The links provided here offer a wealth of information on this subject. We will be adding to this site regularly as more articles and references are submitted. Please feel free to contact us with comments and suggestions.
Contact us:
Rob Gumlaw
Member of the AFGS Board of Directors
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