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In these days, when everyone is very security minded, you may be required to display some type of identification when visiting a research facility. Or you may be required to check bags, purses, briefcases etc., at the door before entering your favorite library or historical society. However, these same facilities may require that you display some type of identification at all times. The AFGS lanyard may be a solution to these problems.
This handsome lanyard, made of heavy duty ribbon, is 3/4 inch wide and 36 inches long. The backround color is royal blue with white lettering which reads "American French Genealogical Society" and also our logo. It has a swivel hook so there is no need to damage clothing with pins found on many badge holders. The large card holder can accommodate your identification, membership cards, money for copy machines, all the little things you need in the research center. Priced at $5.00 plus shipping and handling, we think this is a very handsome and practical lanyard is a must have!

AFGS Lanyard $5.00
Plus shipping and handling


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Updated 05 September 2017

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