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How to Order from AFGS - Sales Information


General Sales Information Apply to both Ordering by Mail and  Ordering Online
  • UNITED STATES: Checks payable to the American-French Genealogical Society. 
  • U.S. funds only. 
  • CANADA: Postal money orders payable to the American-French Genealogical Society. 
  • Prices subject to change without notice 
  • RI residents please add 7% sales tax (Added automatically if shopping Cart produces the order form)  
  • Shipping in United States, $4.00 first item then $2.00 each additional item, unless specified differently on item
  • Contact A.F.G.S. for shipping charges outside of the United States. (Do not use online ordering for shipping outside US)
  • Minimum order for credit cards is $5.00
  • All orders shipped via US Postal Service only.
  • We accept VISA, and MasterCard
  • All prices quoted in US funds

Ordering Online
Ordering By Mail

We use the Americart Shopping Cart Service for ordering from this website. This offers Online Ordering Security by using this system which is simple and straightforward.  
Please see the Americart  Shopping Cart Service Privacy Statement for more information.
As you browse through our online catalog, simply add any item that interests you to the cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.
You may easily remove or change the quantity of any item in the cart before you check out or print the form. 
Click on the "Go to Checkout Now" button when you are finished shopping.
When you check out, you will be given the following options:
(1) Order by Credit Card online
(Ship to billing address)
(2) Order by Credit Card online
(separate billing and shipping addresses) for Gifts etc.
(3) Order by Check/Money Order through Postal Mail
(Credit Card Numbers Not Required-form to be mailed) 
(4) Order by Credit Card through Postal Mail
(Credit Card Numbers Not Required-form to be mailed) 
NOTE:  If your browser supports SSL encryption
(secure data transmission), we suggest that you order online by credit card (Option 1 or 2), if you do not have a secure browser or prefer to mail the order to AFGS we recommend Option (3 or 4)
Print out normal AFGS mail order form - fill in all areas 
Mail to:
American-French Genealogical Society
P.O.  Box 830
Woonsocket,  RI 02895-0870 

Or use our online Ordering and you will have the following Mail options at Checkout:
  • Order by Check/Money Order through Postal Mail
  • Order by Credit Card through Postal Mail
Both above online forms will allow you to Print out your order with out typing in your credit card number online. 
By using this on line form the items you select will entered into the order form as well as totaling up you cost.
You then print out the form and fill in your credit card number or Money Order number then mail the form  with you payment to AFGS. 
Mail to:
American-French Genealogical Society 
P.O.  Box 830 
Woonsocket,  RI 02895-0870 
AFGS Membership
The ability to Join or renew AFGS membership is available online. The online Membership is a separate process and will not be added to your shopping cart. It is processed as soon as you select Join.
You may also print out the form after filling it out, and before selecting the Join button. Then you would mail the form in with your payment.
A Print version is also available which you can print, then fill out and mail to AFGS.
"Shopping cart secured by :

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Updated 6 September, 2009

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