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Repertoires - Listings of Facts of the event
Birth Marriage & Death Repertories  Book Form
Red Drouin on CD  1608-1760
Items Produced by AFGS
AFGS 25th Silver Anniversary Commemorative Member Pedigree Book
Reference & Guide Book for Genealogist 
Coloring Book  in French and English 
Cook Book- French Canadian recipes printed in English
Je Me Souviens - AFGS semi-annual  journal
Other Books - AFGS etc.
AFGS Library Holdings Library listing
Additional Publications etc. 
CDs - Josee_Vachon.Music CDs in French
Other Publications available from AFGS
Heritage of Peace - Land of Hope and Glory
Beginnings of the FRANCO-AMERICAN COLONY in  Woonsocket, RI - by Marie Louise Bonier 
Specials Books  - Limited quantity  not available for on line purchasing
Charts - Fan chart, Family Tree, 5 Generations, etc.
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Individual AFGS Gift Membership  (Online Version)
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Research Policy
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AFGS Lanyard (Identification Card Holder)
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Buttons (pin back) French Canadian and Genealogy
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