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Welcome to one of our Historic Picture Albums
"The Henry Dursin Collection"
Henry/Henri Dursin I
This Historic Picture Album is from the collection of Philomène Dursin Offen who is attempting to amass, identify, label and scan an amazing collection of old family photos of Woonsocket and the Lafayette Worsted Mill from 1901 to the late 1920s which have been scattered around among family members in shoe boxes, basements, etc. for decades. Her great-grandfather, Henry/Henri Dursin (originally d'Ursin) was an avid photographer and also the manager and treasurer of the Lafayette Worsted Mill in Woonsocket from 1901 (when he was recruited from France with his wife, Philomène DeGrave Dursin, by the Lepoutre family) until his death in 1936. He extensively photographed the town, the mill (exterior and interior), the construction of the mill extension in 1909, the family, their Victorian home at 148 Hamlet Avenue (now long gone), and two summer estates on Woonsocket Hill Road and in Cumberland Hill.
This collection of historic photos is from Philomène Dursin Offen who granted AFGS permission to post them on line. She holds the copyright to these pictures.
This collection of historic photos is from Philomène Dursin Offen who granted AFGS permission to post them on line. She holds the copyright to these pictures.    Philomène Dursin Offen's historic photos contained in "The Henry Dursin Collection" are in honor of her great-grandfather, Henry/Henri Dursin I (1866-1936), and the Henry's who were named for him: her grandfather (Henry Dursin II 1894-1978), her father (Henry Dursin III, 1921-1992), her brother (Henry Dursin IV, 1945-) ,her nephew (Christopher Henry Dursin, 1976- ), her son, Alan Henri Resnikoff (1980- ), and her grandson, Brooks Henry Resnikoff (2011 -     ).
Philomène would like to express special thanks to Henry Dursin IV, Nancy Marie Ring, Frank Lind Jr., Jeanne Wilkinson, and Robert Carpenter for their contributions to this project.

Please help Identify Employees in "The Henry Dursin Collection"
If you can identify any of the mill employees in these photographs, please email answers to The Henry Dursin Collection. All replies will be forwarded to Philomène Dursin Offen. Or email Philomène directly at
Three possible identifications for the mill mangers in the eleven photos beginning "MillOffice-1" etc. include: (1) Eugene Dursin (1882-1944), Henry Dursin I's younger brother. He had five children (Marcel, Maurice, Louis, Edgar, and Madeline), some of whom likely still live in the Woonsocket area. (2) The Collection has an exterior mill photo of a gentleman labeled "Mr. Frank Ogden"(#91). He may or may not be one of the people pictured. (3) Another exterior photo (#92) in the Collection is of a "Mr. Hamsted" and he may well be one of the pictured men.
MillOffice-1: Might be Eugene Dursin?
MillOffice-2: Is this "Mr. Hamsted"?.
MillOffice-3: Henri/Henry Dursin in the center.  Others?.
MillOffice-4: Henri/Henry Dursin.
MillOffice-5: Henri/Henry Dursin in the foreground, might be Eugene Dursin in the background?
MillOffice-6: Bookkeepers? Or...?
MillOffice-7: If identified Eugene Dursin in earlier photos, that is him in the center of the front row.
MillOffice-8, 9, 10 and 11: Who are these men?
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Updated October 16, 2011

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