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AFGS - Databases
AFGS - Cemetery Databases
Rhode Island
Blackstone & Millville MA
St Jean Baptiste Bellingham MA
Blackstone Valley Cemeteries
by John P. Fox
AFGS Obituary Index
US & Canada
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Headstone Picture
AFGS Headstone
Head stone picture
NOTE: Index Only
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Rhode Island - Massachusetts - Connecticut
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Important Headstone Pictures are NOT online - Index Only - Headstone pictures are available on the AFGS Library computers or by order.
This is the
Cemetery Headstone Index Search
American-French Genealogical Society volunteers Suzanne & Joseph Musial collected this Cemetery data as well as pictures of Headstones.
Over 50,000 Searchable listings

Results Correction: Notre Dame Pawtucket R.I. is listed as Vol 36 but is actually Vol 45.
Important: This is a listing of the information compiled by AFGS Members and Volunteers - Suzanne & Joseph Musial . This is not a complete listing of all cemetery information nor is the accuracy guaranteed. Consider this information as a reference only and would need to be verified.
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