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National Dictionary of the French Canadians
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The Drouin Institute of Montreal microfilmed parish records both Catholic, and non-Catholic including some Indian Missions. The time span covered is from the founding of parishes to 1936-1940 when the instute microfilmed the records. Millions of records were microfilmed.
The Drouin Institute then produced a number of books from these microfilmed records. One set is called the Red Drouin books  another is the Blue Drouin books. These books contain the marriage records including parents and locations.
Drouin collection is available at the American-French Genealogical Society.
The American-French Genealogical Society (AFGS) also produces a CD of the Red Drouin books which can be purchased from the society. Red Drouin CD
AFGS also has purchased this Drouin Institute microfilm collection of vital statistics. Specifically, this unique, historical collection contains the following: 
Baptisms, Marriages, and Death Records for the entire Province of Quebec. 
Baptisms, Marriages, and Death Records for those areas of Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia known to be predominantly French-Canadian. 
Notarial Acts, such as marriage contracts, wills, deeds, and other legal documents for the Province of Quebec. 
Vital Statistics and census records for miscellaneous states 
This is film of the actual records and will afford members the opportunity to make their own interpretations of the handwritten documents, and in some cases, view the signatures of their ancestors. 
The AFGS library and its unique collection of Drouin microfilm is your source for this research in the United States. 
American-French Genealogical Society (AFGS) is now offering for a limited time the opportunity to receive a copy of an event that is on this large Drouin microfilm collection. 


This offer is only if you know the Actual Names, Exact Place and Date of the event that is documented in a repertoire (published book of baptisms, marriages or deaths) or the PRDH. This offer is for a copy of an event not for research. Your request will not be processed if it does not have the necessary information.
If you do not have the necessary information you may request that our research department do the research and document the information. There is a fee if we find the information and it is sent to you.    Research Department

Drouin Event Copy Information

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Updated 05 September 2017

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