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New 2009 Library Holdings (Index)
NOTE: 2011 Addendum now available below

LIBRARY HOLDINGS 2009 contains a listing of the research 
material available at the AFGS Library.
Library Holdings lists by county, all of our holdings for Canada, the United States and Europe. The parishes for each county are alphabetized and coded to make the books easer for you to find.
History books are arranged alphabetically by subject. Names have been added to the biographies to make it easier to find the ancestor that you are looking for. As always, family book are also listed alphabetically by family name. The reference book section has been greatly expanded.
The film sections list, by category, the films we have for Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. This is a helpful tool for those members who wish to prepare a list of materials they would like to use before they come to the library. There is information of our other holdings such as the Loiselle File, the Rivest File, and Fabien Files.
American-French Genealogical Society's 2009
Library Holdings (Index) below are now available free on line (PDF)
AFGS 2009 Library Holdings in Sections (PDF)
Other Canadian Provinces
United States - Europe
History by Subject - History by Title
Family by Name - Family by Title
Biography by Name - Biography by Title
Reference - Microfilms Films and Fiche- Periodicals Etc.
AFGS Library Holdings Addendum from the above holdings creation date to April 2011
American-French Genealogical Society's 2009 Complete File (PDF) (Very Large File) (Addendum not included)


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Updated 1 May, 2011

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