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Heritage of Peace - Land of Hope and Glory
A Historical Narrative Based On The Life Of Wilfred Rouleau
By Corinne Rocheleau & Louise Lind

This book is an historical novel based on the life of Wilfred Rouleau, a French Canadian teenager who left the family farm in 1878 to "better himself" in the United States.  
Rouleau, called Justin Rivier in the book, is ambitious, hardworking and observant. He leads the reader into the early textiles mills of the Blackstone Valley, Rhode island; into the printing and editorial offices of Worcester, Massachusetts. He shares his first hand views of national politics as his career turns from manual labor to journalism and labor relations in Lowell, Massachusetts. Finally there is life in Washington, DC, where he worked for the Government Printing Office. for almost 50 years.
This book offers an intimate glimpse into 19th century and early 20th century family and social life, politics,  and culture in New England and then in Washington, all told from the point of view of one who lived it.
Heritage of Peace  Land of Hope and Glory
Heritage of Peace - Land of Hope and Glory 
Over 250 pages
Webmaster Comment: I truly enjoyed the book as it provided a snap shot in time. Showing what our ancestor may have expected as they came to this country and what they actually experienced.
Heritage of Peace - Land of Hope and Glory Sold Out


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