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AFGS 25th Anniversary

AFGS 25th Anniversary

AFGS Presents the 25th Silver Anniversary Member Pedigree Book


AFGS Member pedigree book and GEDCOM files. A GEDCOM file is a file containing Genealogy information created by Genealogy Software. 
GEDCOM - According to the help file of PAF version 5 software: "GEDCOM is a computer format that permits one type of software program to read genealogical records created in another program. GEDCOM was created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to make it possible for individuals with different brands of software and computers to share their information. You can recognize a GEDCOM file on your computer because its file name ends with ".ged.""
For the AFGS 25th Silver Anniversary Member Pedigree Book we would prefer the information to be submitted in a GED or GEDCOM format.
NOTE: It is not required that the information be in GED format, as Paper version of the 5 generation charts can be submitted. See submitting instructions for information.
Most Genealogy Software Programs have that ability to create GED files. For instructions on how to create a GED file with your software, select your Genealogy software help screen, then search for GED or GEDCOM. 
Mac  GEDCOM 5.5 was tested and worked fine.
Frequently Asked Questions on this Project - FAQ
AFGS is presenting abbreviated information on creating GEDCOM files as a guide only.
Make sure you back up your data before creating any files. 

The links above are abbreviated instructions for different Genealogy Software, on how to create a 5 generation pedigree chart for the AFGS 25th Silver Anniversary Member Pedigree Book
IMPORTANT: Please submit any questions to Bill at before submitting the file to AFGS.  AFGS will process your GEDCOM file when received and incorporate it with the other GEDCOM files. We will not be able to make corrections after you submit the file.
Please notify Bill  if you have any suggestions to these instructions or the project. Also looking for volunteers to process the paper pedigree charts into GED format.

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Updated 20 March 2007

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