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AFGS 25th Anniversary

AFGS 25th Anniversary

AFGS Presents the 25th Silver Anniversary Member Pedigree Book


*I would like to submit two 'five generation' charts, but I am unsure where to mail them. 
You can mail the the charts to:
P.O. Box 830
Woonsocket, RI 02895-0870

Place a note on the envelope - 5 generation book 

Also  Please place your name and member number on each chart as well as your email address.

*In the general instructions is it true when it said you felt you would be only able to export GEDCOM files from Family Tree Maker versions 4 and 10? Was it a typo and it meant to say 4 through 10? I have version 8. Will I be able to export from that?
At this time we have only tested a small number of Genealogy programs and have extracted the required information and produced GEDCOM files from the following programs, PAF version 5.2, LEGACY version 4, FAMILY TREE MAKER version 4 and 10, FAMILY ORIGINS version 10, and ROOTSMAGIC. I have just made the correction to the website with this statement.
* Noticed that you can send in charts starting with any Ancestor of the member or member's significant other is this a change and can I send in more charts. 
Yes do to a number of request we have modified the rules and yes you can send in more charts.
* Is the deadline for submitting charts changed?
Yes do to the interest in this project we have decided to extend the date to September 15, 2003
* How many Charts can I submit for the project
If your an Individual member of AFGS you can submit 2 pedigree charts, if you have a family membership you can submit 4 charts
* You mention charts and ged files what do you want.
We would prefer GED or GEDCOM files as we are looking to process the information and produce a uniform format for the book. But we will accept paper 5 generation pedigree charts as well as scanned pictures of charts. 
* I do not live near AFGS but would like to help with the project.
We are looking for members who could take the scanned picture of the charts and convert the data to GED files. We can do this part of the project by e-mail.
* Rather than include my personal chart, I'd like to submit those of my grandparents. One sheet for each of my four grandparents will give more information that mine alone will. Also, as they are no longer living and haven't been since the 1940s for the most part, identity theft won't be an issue.
You can start as number one any member of your 5 generation direct line. Also if you have a family membership you can submit the 4 charts.
* I use a iMac with Reunion 6. Thinking of  updating to Reunion 8. Any problems with that set up?
We do not believe that would be a problem as long as it is a GED file, but as soon as we have tested it will post the results.
* I am using an EMAC, using Reunion 8.02 will this test file work ok?
 We had no problem processing your test GED file for our project.
* Why did you post abbreviated instructions?
Talking with members at the society I found that most members who are putting their information into genealogy programs have never produced a GED file. Some were a little apprehensive when I mentioned we would prefer GED files. Thought that the abbreviated instruction just for the project would help the project and help them learn how to make a GED file to share with others.
* Why do you only show a few genealogy program abbreviated instructions.
This is what I have tested, will post others if someone is interested in submitting the information.
* Please explain your IMPORTANT message about submitting any questions to you at before submitting the file or files. 
This is a very large project and we are trying to have the information as correct as possible when we process it. Hopefully by asking questions and this FAQ we will have a uniform and accurate book. To produce the book the information will process a number of ways. When the GED files are received they will be run in a number of programs to prepare them for inclusion into the book. If we receive the information as paper charts or scanned charts they need to be processed into GED format before they can be run through the programs. Once the process starts it is very difficult to make and changes to the information on the charts.
* FILE NAMES - Confused - Can you explain the file names your looking for?
We expect files from individual members and family memberships. Also we are allowing 2 charts total for individual members and 4 charts total for a family membership. It is not required to submit the maximum number of charts per member.
An individual membership are allowed 2 charts and will name their charts a plus their membership number for the first chart and b plus their membership number for the second chart. 
Example for individual membership would be a3677.ged and b3677.ged for 2 charts (files)
A Family membership is allowed 4 charts will name their charts, a plus their membership number for the first chart, b plus their membership number for the second chart, c .plus their membership number for the third chart and d  plus their membership number for the fourth chart. 
Example for Family membership would be a3677f.ged, b3677f.ged, c3677f.ged, and d3677f.ged for 4 charts (files)
* I created a .ged file for myself  and this program automatically adds the .ged after the file. I cannot get rid of the extension.
We want the ged extension on the file when you send it to us. Some programs automatically add the .ged extension after the file when you save the file. Our instructions may not have been clear on this in the past.
* Why must I have different files for each GED chart?  I would like to have them all in one file.
The process we are using requires the clear identification of the number one person in each file. If we have a combined file we would only have one number one person in the file, so we would have to find the other people you want as the number one on the different charts.  By have different files each file has its own number one person which you selected making the file.
* I am trying to send you only the 5 generation chart information, but I keep getting my whole data base of records. I am using Family Tree Maker version 5.
 I am not sure on version 5 but on version 4 and I believe version 10 you must select Ancestor Tree button, then right click on the ancestor tree and select 5 generations. this will display the people you will be submitting to AFGS.  Version 10 you select Ancestor Tree button and Standard not Standard Pedigree Tree. See new updated instructions with screen shots.
* Having a problem getting the gedcom file with the correct people to send to you.
Let me know what software your using and I should be able to help. Also if anyone is having a problem creating a gedcom file drop me a line and I might be able to clear up your question.  Email Bill
*When I do the five generation chart and then look at the file, all the additional children (like my sisters or my father's or mother's siblings)
are now missing. Is this how it should be or should the siblings be included?
The siblings should not be included, you should have a person in the first place and everyone listed on the chart should be that persons ancestor.
* Why are you asking for  us to send in the email with the gedcom  the actual name of the person you want as the 1st person of our 5 generation chart?  I thought  gedcom would give you person automatically?
From the returns we have so far we have seen more people  in some gedcoms then are necessary. That is ok,  but we want to make sure we select the correct person for the 1st person in the 5 generation chart.
* I have tried a number of times and can not get the correct number of people out of my data base for the project. But I want to submit my information do I just send a chart?
We have started a service for anyone who would like to have their information included but is having a problem. If you can get the information into a gedcom file, even if it is to many people we can handle it. You must include the names and RIN or id number of the people who you want in the number one position of each chart your allowed to submit. We will handle it from there. Or if you want to give us your data base and it is from one of the listed programs under General Instructions for Submitting Pedigree Charts NOTE:   we will process it from there. But you still need to tell us who you want for the number one position on each chart your allowed.

Please notify Bill f you have any suggestions to these instructions or the project. 

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