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AFGS Library Guidelines

Briefcases, bags, computer cases and purses are not allowed in the library. Lockers are available.
Coats, sweaters and jackets not being worn must be placed in the designated area not on the back of your chair because of safety reasons.
Use of pens is limited to special circumstances as stray marks made in the books cannot be erased. Please check with the library staff.
Do not write in the books at any time. Corrections will be made and initialed by the Librarian. Writing in the books is a serious infraction of the rules. There is a correction book on the reception desk.
Food and drink, including bottled water, are not allowed in the library area. There is a lunchroom provided.
Only books with a GBC binding (spiral bound) may be copied. Hard bound books  may not be copied. 
Limit yourself to 4 books at one time. When finished with your books place them back in their proper place. If you need help, ask one of the library staff or place the books on the library cart and they will be put away for you.
Do not stack open books on top of each other or fold them in half. This stresses the spines and causes them to break.
You are welcome to use the copy machine and printers. Copies cost $.25 each and you must pay for the copy when it is made.
If a film is damaged or a book needs repair, bring it to a staff member's attention so that repairs can be made.
Library materials are to be used in the library only. You may not take them home   This rule will be strictly enforced.
Limited use of digital cameras is allowed but please - no flash .
Cell phone conversations should take place outside of the research room.
Membership cards must be worn in the library at all times. If you lose your card holder, a new one may be purchased for $1.00.
Do not stand in the stacks thumbing through books. Take the book back to your table. Space in the stacks is limited.  
Smoking is prohibited in all parts of this building.
These guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Directors for your protection and the protection of the Society's collections. Anyone wishing to discuss these guidelines may address their concerns directly to the Board of Directors in writing or in person. Your concerns will be considered and addressed promptly.
Adopted on  February 14, 2009

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Updated 1 October, 2009

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