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The books marked with an * (asterisk) will be printed on request. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
The Counties of the United States and Canada. by Armand R. Letourneau. 3 hole punched in ring binder. 201 pages. $20.00
Etymology of First Names. by Armand R. Letourneau. Spiral bound. 210 pages. $20.00
* Letourneau Dictionary-the Descendants of David Letourneau 1616 to Present. By Armand Raymond Letourneau Spiral bound, 671 pages $40.00


Letourneau Dictionary-The Descendants of Guillaume Letourneau & the Letourneaus of NH. *A.F.G.S. Edition, GBC Bound 212 pages $40.00
New Printing "Je Me Souviens la Cuisine de la Grandmère" Printed in English French-Canadian Cuisine cookbook Over 250 pages These recipes have been handed down through many generations.  NOTE: This is a new condensed version of our previous two book set. No new recipes but just the best from the previous two books, in an improved format. Printed in English Grandmère Cookbook    $15.00
French and Belgian Immigrants to Northern Rhode Island By Paul P Delisle Spiral bound, 156 pages.  $15.00
My French Coloring Book Coloring book with pictures of familiar people and items for coloring.  Below each picture is the French text and the English text. Spiral bound,  $1.00
Heritage of Peace - Land of Hope and Glory This book offers an intimate glimpse into 19th century and early 20th century family and social life, politics,  and culture in New England and then in Washington, all told from the point of view of one who lived it. Over 250 pages $10.00.



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