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The books marked with an * (asterisk) will be printed on request. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
The Counties of the United States and Canada. by Armand R. Letourneau. 3 hole punched in ring binder. 201 pages. $20.00
Etymology of First Names. by Armand R. Letourneau. Spiral bound. 210 pages. $20.00
* Letourneau Dictionary-the Descendants of David Letourneau 1616 to Present. By Armand Raymond Letourneau Spiral bound, 671 pages $40.00


Letourneau Dictionary-The Descendants of Guillaume Letourneau & the Letourneaus of NH. *A.F.G.S. Edition, GBC Bound 212 pages $40.00
New Printing "Je Me Souviens la Cuisine de la Grandmère" Printed in English French-Canadian Cuisine cookbook Over 250 pages These recipes have been handed down through many generations.  NOTE: This is a new condensed version of our previous two book set. No new recipes but just the best from the previous two books, in an improved format. Printed in English Grandmère Cookbook    $15.00
French and Belgian Immigrants to Northern Rhode Island By Paul P Delisle Spiral bound, 156 pages.  $15.00
My French Coloring Book Coloring book with pictures of familiar people and items for coloring.  Below each picture is the French text and the English text. Spiral bound,  $1.00



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