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Welcome to the American-French Genealogical Society Puzzle Description Page
We plan on offering a number of different Crossword, Word Search and Word Find Puzzles. 
Here you will find information on the different puzzles we have to offer. 
The puzzle listed here can be played on line.
 You must use a Java enabled browser to solve these puzzles.
Hope you enjoy the Games

AFGS Crossword EC 1 AFGS Crossword EC 2
AFGS Crossword puzzle style EC are Standard Crossword puzzle with English Clues and English Answers for the Puzzle.

AFGS Crossword EFC 1
AFGS Crossword puzzle style EFC are Standard Crossword puzzle with English Clues and French Answers for the Puzzle. 

AFGS Wordfind EWF 1
AFGS Wordfind puzzle style EWF are Standard Wordfind puzzle with English Words. 

 NOTE: You can Peek if you want to know a letter but that effects your score.
AFGS Puzzles
Puzzles featured here are produced with Crossword Express software. An excellent source for creating word puzzles.
Please send comments about this new feature to

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Updated 23 July 2003

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