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A.F.G.S. - New Book Offer 

Reference and Guide Book for the
by Armand Letourneau
AFGS is pleased to offer you this very helpful resource book as a reference and Guide Book for the Genealogist.  
It is an excellent book for both beginner and experienced researchers in the quest for Genealogical information.
Mr. Letourneau is a founding member of AFGS and this book offers you the benefit of his many years of research experience.
Mr. Letourneau has done a complete review of how to read the various repertoires that you encounter including Jette, PRDH and Drouin.
He has lists of counties in New England and The Province of Quebec, abbreviations that you may encounter, Catholic Parishes of the Province of Quebec and New England listed by name and city.  Latin terms and what they mean, and lists of names written in Latin, French and English to help you when you are looking through primary source materials. 
He has included sections on various types of charts, on Genealogy Societies in the U.S., Canada and France, family associations and repositories and archives in the United States. 
He has explained the "dit" word and many church terms often encountered in research. 
In short, he has made a handbook the  is sure to offer something for everyone who is researching a family name. 

We have included a county map of the Province of Quebec and several 5 generation charts and family group sheets.
This book is offered in a three ring ( slant ring ) binder so that pages may be removed when you go to a library or town hall and so that you may add pages to the guide when you come across something you wish to save. This is a very helpful guide.

Table of Contents
Perpetual Calendar
How to Obtain Dates and Age
Repertoires (explained)
Abbreviations & Codes for All States
The Counties of the New England States
The Counties of New York State
The Counties of the Provence of Quebec
The Counties of the Maritime Provinces
The Counties of Ontario
Catholic Parishes of the Provence of Quebec
Listing by Parishes
Listing by Localities
Catholic Parishes of New England
Listing by Parishes
Listing by Cities - Towns
Latin & Genealogy
Latin Terms - With Examples
Given Names (French-English-Latin)
Computer Terms (English-French)
Directory Ancestry - Described
Consanguinity - Relationship by Descent
Rehabilitation - Relating to Marriage Record
Ondoye - Ondoyé- Relating to Baptismal Record
Places of Worship - Reviewed
The "dit" Word
The Huguenots
Ancestral Occupations
Map of Ancestral France
Ancestral Chart (5 generations) Explained
Family Group Sheet - Explained
Ancestral Fan Chart
Franco-American & Canadian Genealogical Societies
Repositories & Archives (US)
Genealogical Societies of France
Departmental Archives of France
Anglicized Names
Family Associations

Shipping and Handling is $7.00 US and $10.00 outside the US.
Outside the US please use Postal Money orders in US Funds
Reference and Guide Book for the Genealogist $35.00

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Updated 26 June, 2010

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